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🌺 Our 2023 fundraiser is starting today and runs thru Mar 25th. See StokesMGV.org/bulbsale for a downloadable order form or to use our Square online store to order!  🌺

There is lots of excitement this year with these spring planted bulbs for summer and fall blooms! Our previous sales were all in the fall with various daffodils and other spring blooming bulbs.

See who we are and what we do.  Our Calendar shows not only our meetings, programs and events, it also covers the Stokes County Cooperative Extension related dates. Plus, we have included many of the local gardening events and classes. The 2023 Stokes Extension Master Gardener Volunteer classes are completed in March.  Hope you are one of the lucky people who attend this new class!

The picture above was taken in the Wake Forest University President’s garden as one of our educational trips in 2019.  That garden was originally designed in the 1920s by American landscape architect, Ellen Shipman. The blue booties were needed to protect the boxwoods from bringing in any blight. 

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