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Welcome! These Web Links will guide people to a web site to answer their question or help with their curiosity. North Carolina is blessed to have such a deep set of resources available for a wide range of gardening, farming, and landscape information. This is the start of the links that we might direct you to. Over time and with feedback, more links can be added.

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Local Gardening Groups Links

Look at our Calendar for local gardening events, as we try to post any event we learn about.

If you do have a question, we often tell people to use their search engine, like Google, to find the topic. To get an answer specific to NC, not California or Florida, add this to your search:  site: ncsu.edu.

If that doesn’t get your answers, Ask an Expert has an online form to submit a question and optionally, include pictures. You will select “NC” and “Stokes County” to properly direct the query. The Extension Master Gardener Volunteers assist the Agriculture – Horticulture Extension Agent on this, as well as other support roles. Thanks for visiting us! Comments can be directed to our email at semgva.nc@gmail.com.