2023 Spring Bulb Sale

🌸 SEMGVA is having a sale February 27th – March 25th with bulbs and plants.  There is excitement as we picked to offer spring planted bulbs instead of our usual fall selections.  Each year’s sale has been a rousing success with many happy customers!  
We encourage you to order via our online store  The store closed at 5pm Saturday, March 25th
Thank you so much of all those marvelous orders. See most of you on April 15th!

🛒  If you prefer, you can print out the 2023 Bulb Sale Order Form or get a copy from one of our members. To use a single sheet, on printer options select “Print on both sides”, plus select “Flip on long edge”.

We will be visiting various gardening groups to take orders. Payment can be with cash or credit/debit cards via Square. Also the Stokes County Cooperative Extension office has these forms and will accept cash orders.  If you need assistance, call the Stokes County Extension office at (336) 593-8179. A Master Gardener Volunteer will return your call for any questions or even take your order over the phone! 

 🚗 Order pick-up is Saturday, April 15th from 10am – 1pm at the King, Danbury, or Walnut Cove Public Libraries.  Exceptions to this are if we visit your group meeting, delivery can be to your next meeting after April 15th.

There is a slideshow of our own Peonies from our past plant sales that continue to amaze us with their huge blooms. A YouTube video showcases flower gardens from our members and customers from past sales. 

If you haven’t used the NC Plant Toolbox, you are in for a treat!  This site can narrow down what plant is best in your yard for bloom color, bloom time, siting help (part shade or full sun) or for a host plant for a favorite butterfly and more! To help you with these plants, here are the links to the plants in this year’s sale.

Crocosmia Red (Montbretia)     Oxalis Iron Cross       Liatris spicata  

Lycoris Red (Surprise Lily)      Canna Mixture      Anemone DeCaen Mix      

Allium Mix (close to a Moly)       Freesia Mix      

Cut Flower Collection:   Gladiolus,  Sparaxis,  Brodiaea,  Allium Mix

Perennial Collection:  Hosta,   Daylily Mix,   Liatris,   Iris Siberica