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Welcome! These Web Links will guide people to a web site to answer their question or help with their curiosity. North Carolina is blessed to have such a deep set of resources available for a wide range of gardening, farming, and landscape information. This is the start of the links that we might direct you to. Over time and with feedback, more links can be added.

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Stokes and Local Counties Extension Links

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Links

Links to Associated Groups on SEMGVA Projects

Local Gardening Groups Links

Look at our Calendar for local gardening events, as we try to post any event we learn about. Eventbrite is a great resource to find Zoom events. You can “follow” groups, like events and get notifications.

If you do have a question, we often tell people to use their search engine, like Google, to find the information. Here is few samples to be more specific in your searches. To get an answer specific to NC, not California or Florida, add this to your search:  site:ncsu.edu.  Other advanced search options are:

  • colo?r    the ?  wildcard will give you results with color and colour
  • At the end of your search line, add “site:” combined with a website or domain name to restrict the search to that. For example, site:youtube.com or  site:.gov, site:.org
  • Add site:.edu     for research-based information from any university
  • Add site:.ncsu.edu    to restrict the results to NC State University
  • Add site:.ces.ncsu.edu   to restrict results to N.C. Cooperative Extension
  • Add site:.content.ces.ncsu.edu for NC State Extension Publications Numbered Publications, Factsheets, Hard Copy Documents, Authoritative Sources & more … 
  • Bee hotel site:.edu      Nebraska Extension (extension.unl.edu) is a reference we have used
  • Put in front of a word you want to exclude from your search. For example, jaguar speed -car
  • Put a word or phrase inside quotes for an exact match. For example, tallest building
  • Put “OR” between each search query to combine searches. For example, marathon OR race
  • Google Advanced Search can search for All, Images, News, Videos, Shopping and more.  The
    Tools button helps you narrow down to the latest page published about your search query.

    Select from the drop-down list what date range you want to use to narrow the search

Thanks for visiting us! Comments can be directed to our email at semgva.nc@gmail.com.